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Rose Geranium Aromatherapy Reed Diffuser (100ml / 3.4 fl oz)

Surround yourself and the interior of your home with the harmony of pure essential oils aromas. Our eco-friendly and vegan Rose Geranium reed diffuser creates an  exquisite fragrance, to stimulate the senses and evoke warmth within your home with its long-lasting scent.

Size: 100 ml (3.4 fl oz.) + 6 rattan reeds I  Use time: 2 Weeks continuous (approx). I Instructions: refer to individual product.


Rose Geranium Aromatherapy Room Candle Spray (200g)

This soothing and exotic Rose Geranium candle is an ideal gift for your family and friends as well for self indulgence. Handmade by artisans, it is completely vegan and uses high quality pure rose geranium essential oil which relaxes and uplifts one's mood and can boost one's positive energy.

Size: 200 grams I Burn time: 80 hours (approx). I Important: Refer to use & caution of individual product.

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