What is the One Product for One Tree promise?

 As a business we are guided by our founder's sociopreneurship spirit which shapes our brand ethos, values and mission. However, we are not a  non-profit organisation, instead we believe in making socially responsible profits through ethical choices, community support and voluntary contributions.
 As a part of our commitment to counter climate change and restore nature where it has been impacted, we are voluntarily reinvesting part of our sales proceeds to tree planting projects by financing reforestation efforts in different parts of the world by donating $1 for every 1 product purchased, which is the cost of planting 1 tree.

Who plants the trees?

Our reforestation partner One Tree Planted ® does this, they are experts and are carrying out extensive reforestation work across the globe. They have an enviable reputation as an environmental and non-profit organisation, they are based in the USA and are supported by Lyft, Uber, Adidas and many other major companies.


Where is my Tree being planted?

Your tree will be planted where it is most needed. This is determined by One Tree Planted ® who take researched and strategic decisions on where their next tree planting campaign will be undertaken. Our contributions are made on a regular basis and as such can go to a specific location or campaign or end up being put towards several different ones. This is at the discretion of One Tree Planted ®.

To stay up to date with what's happening at One Tree Planted ® follow them on Facebook or Instagram or visit their website.