Jojoba Oil

We do not have any harsh sulfates, such as SLS/SLES, which can cause skin irritations. Apply a few drops on your face and décolleté area, and massage upwards until fully absorbed. Apply liberally on clean body skin, massage in circular movements, and rinse off with a warm shower.

Suggested Use: For your face, you can use 6-7 drops in the morning and at night, if possible, massage into your skin until completely absorbed. On wrinkled areas and fine lines add another drop or two and massage in a circular motion until it is absorbed. Add 3-4 drops in your hair conditioner or apply 2 drops on damp hair after your shower. For body massage, 100ml jojoba oil with 6-8 drops of lavender essential oil is excellent to soften rough patches, moisturise and promote healthy skin.

Key Ingredients Benefits

  • Vitamin E – Deeply cleanses pores and balance oil production, prevents moisture loss from skin and hair, helps alleviate scarred and blemished skin
  • Vitamin B Complex – Alleviates the signs of ageing such as wrinkles and fine lines, improves skin’s moisture-retaining ability, maintains hair texture, colour and strength, and regulates skin’s pigment production and thus alleviates hyperpigmentation
  • Palmitoleic Acid – Helps delay the appearance of premature ageing, moisturises and tightens the skin, promotes the growth of shiny hair, enhances the brightness of the complexion, and boosts the growth of healthy nails