There Is An Urgent Need for an Environmental and Social Response

We believe climate change and inequality is accelerating and an urgent response is needed. Businesses are best poised to bring about an effective response by changing how we do business immediately. Profit maximisation is no longer a realistic objective. Today there is a need for sociopreneurship where business is driven by both profit and social and environmental impact. This is at the core of our business philosophy and that of our suppliers and partners.

We are committed to doing our part in preventing deforestation and environmental destruction.

A step in this direction is our products are completely 100% Palm Free without exception.

We are against deforestation and disrupting ecosystems that displaces local communities, animals and wildlife in addition to severely impacting the environment.

The vast damage Palm Oil has had and continues to do to the local environment, wiping out swathes of virgin forest leaving both indigenous communities and animals from orang utans, monkeys to various species of birds homeless, lost and devastated.

The widespread use of Palm Oil in the beauty industry makes it an incredibly challenging task to ensure one's products are palm free. It is our hope that customers now have another palm free product option that they can buy with their mind at ease.

Packaging and Shipping

We're in the process of becoming #Zero Plastic, moving to completely #Biodegradable Materials, #recycled paper and aiming to be tree free.

We're one of only a handful of brands that do not shrink wrap anymore. We're also removing box packaging on some of our product ranges and are increasing the level of recycled and biodegradable materials used, for eg our shipping boxing and packaging is entirely made of recycled paper.


Social Consciousness and Response

We work with artisans and family businesses who buy, hire and contribute to their communities having a real impact locally.

In an increasingly automated world we are seeing technology replace people in all spheres of industry. We, however, value traditional methods and offer a 'Artisan Collection' of fine luxury handcrafted products that are handmade by artisans and cottage industries. Through our brand we hope to revive, grow and invigorate artisanal communities.

We believe in supporting real people where income and profits go towards betterment of real communities instead of a corporation. Every artisan supplier has a story and we hope you will support our efforts in being able to touch their lives in some way, which is at the cornerstone of our business philosophy.