Inviting Reeta Juneja ® Wholesale and Retail Stockists

We select qualified new accounts each month based on shared values and a likeminded clientele base.

We do so as we take a long term view of nurturing and growing our stockists by supporting them with continuing education, marketing collaterals, and growth advisory.

We welcome both online and offline businesses.

Research shows that product sales can add as much as 30% of your Sales!

Day Spas and Professional Saloons

Our range of high quality skincare includes both high end treatment serums as well as an affordable skin essentials collection with a variety of creams, oils and daily care items.

Market research shows that on average you could on average make as much as 12% from revenue from retailing products, well-run spas and salons average 15% to 20% and exceptional ones with the right location and clientele as high as 30% to 40%. Don't lose out.


Home fragrances and perfumes can add as much as 12% to your Revenue!

Independent Fashion Stores & Boutiques

We welcome independent fashion boutiques and retailers. Our luxurious artisan collection of home fragrances are handmade in the UK would make an excellent complementary range as would our skincare line.

With exceptionally low returns in our industry it would be the perfect accompaniment if you're thinking of extending the products on offer at your store.


Our line of luxurious, artisanal home fragrances will perfectly compliment your offerings.

Interior Design Stores and Luxury Homeware Retailers

If you're in the business of selling a lifestyle, luxurious spaces and a way of life instead of just products. We'd love to hear from you.

Our range of home and personal candles, room sprays and fragratic home reeds are vegan, cruelty free, handmade made in the UK with all natural high quality ingredients. Something your discerning customers will appreciate.


Low Cost of Entry

Wholesale Structure

You can sign up with us for a minimum order of just £400 l $500 (domestic) or £800 l $1000 (International).

The process is simple, we ask you to fill a form with some basic details so we know who you are, where you want to sell our products and what growth potential there is for the both of us.

Facilities the Ease of Doing Business

Simple Policies

We have simple and fair requirements as to where and how our products should be displayed. We provide training, a product guide, images and collaterals as well as artwork for displays to help you boost in store and social media sales.

Increase Revenue and Profitability both in-store and online!

Generous margins

We offer good margins not just for sales in store but if you have customers who want to restock from home, you can register them as a client. Add your trading name to the additional comments and we'll tag them as your customer so you earn whenever they order.

Payments, Shipping and Protection

Easy Terms

Payments via Credit, Debit are Charge cards are offered at no additional cost. As is Apple Pay and PayPal. Our primary shippers are DHL, FedEx and TNT. We insure all products we bulk ship so you're never left out of pocket incase the courier loses or damages your order.