Her Story

Reeta began her journey into the beauty industry in 1983. Educated and trained in Europe, she specialised in Aromatherapy under its pioneers W.E. Arnould-Taylor and Dr. Elizabeth Jones. Returning to establish herself as a creative blender and artisanal producer of aromatherapy products.

She went on in her later years to consult and helm some of South Asia’s leading companies in the beauty, slimming, spa, and ayurvedic industry. She also created, produced and supplied high quality products to both the industry and her own growing clientele.

She is now gradually bringing her exquisite creations to the market and hope you genuinely enjoy and benefit from every product.

A heart felt message

As an Aromatherapist and Phys-Essentialist I've always believed that our wellness lies in a responsible lifestyle, a proper skin care regime, healthy food and a positive attitude.

I am a firm believer in nature being our provider and over the years I created many products that I've shared with customers that I am now bringing to life commercially. It is my hope that you will enjoy and benefit from them.

My career was defined by the influence and change I was able to bring in some measure as the CEO and other top positions for some of Asia's largest beauty, sliming and Ayurvedic companies. Over the years I also built my consultancy which focuses on the set-up, training, treatment menu and product creation and supply for luxury spas, hotels and resorts.

As a nature and animal lover, all my skincare products are vegetarian, my aromatherapy products and blends are completely vegan and all our products are steadfastly cruelty free and palm free.

Do read more about our use of food grade ingredients, our commitment to sustainability and our commitment in ensuring products free from nasty chemicals and sub-standard ingredients.

My education and life long dedication to learning

I've had the privilege of studying under W.E. Arnould-Taylor, Dr Elizabeth Jones and other early Aromatherapists who were pioneers in the field.

My education with them and my training placed a strong emphasis on natural healing and wellbeing. This has shaped my personal philosophy for products that are free of additives, safe, ethical and responsible.

You'll see that we vigorously advocate the importance of safe and responsible use of aromatherapy on our website.

A promise of natural, pure, safe and ethical products.

Sociopreneurship is a fundamental part of our business, I am committed to supporting artisans and promoting handmade products also.

While we are a for profit business, my focus is on sustainable and responsible profit. In this way our decisions are not based on what is the lowest cost option but is driven by other considerations.

While working with and buying our ingredients from medium big industries, we also fully support highly skilled artisans who work with us and handicraft luxury products that makes our range unique and bespoke.

Leaving nature intact for Future Generations must be our collective mission.

Deforestation, Pollution, Climate Change and the impact on wildlife and animals has to be a priority for all of us.

I have always been against animal cruelty. I test my products on family and friends and not animals, I believe we must make an effort through every buying decision to be an agent for change.

The wallet is the most powerful influencer in the world, if enough of us make right choices we can bring create real change and make a difference. I invite you to read about our ongoing response to the need for sustainability.