Reeta Juneja Holdings Sdn Bhd

We are a reputable supplier of essential oils, carrier oils, aromatherapy blended oils, skincare and spa products. We focus on creating ethical products with other family owned businesses as well as artisans and cottage industries. We emphasise the use of responsibly sourced high quality ingredients that result in natural cruelty free and vegetarian, and where possible vegan, products.

Our Vision

We aspire to promote, produce and encourage people to choose vegan and vegetarian, cruelty free, natural good quality products.

Our products are vegetarian and contain NO animal parts in our skincare, personal care and cosmetics. We aim to offer a responsible choice to consumers and by supporting animal welfare activism.

Our Mission

To bring genuine wellbeing and natural beauty with products that are safe, responsible and sustainable.

As our skin is infact our single largest organ, we believe it's vital that what we apply over it is just as safe as what we consume. Our products therefor use food grade ingredients are well balanced and contain natural preservatives. However it is important to remember that we should never ingest or otherwise consume essential oils and products made for external application.

Our Values

For 35 years our business is proudly defined by trust and authenticity, Quality and safety and Sustainability and responsibility.

Trust and Authenticity: we are committed to using natural ingredients and adopt a less is more approach leaving out whatever is unnecessary like artificial colouring, scents, petroleum and all the nasty chemicals.

Quality & Safety: All our products are free from parabens, silicone, SLS / SLES, PEGS, PPG, ETDA and more.

Sustainability and Responsibility: We work judiciously to ensure our products are completely 100% Palm Free, while reducing plastic and aiming to become a zero plastic and zero waste brand in every sphere possible.