Rose Oil: More than a Scent



Since antiquity, rose oil has been utilised as part of beauty ritual by people of the ancient world civilisation such as in Persia, the Roman Empire, Greece, Egypt and India.

Historically, the discovery of rose essential oil has been attributed to Persia, which dominated and developed the rose industry between 10th and 17th century. In the 16th century, through the expansion of the Turkish Ottoman Empire, roses began to be cultivated for its oil in Balkan countries with Bulgaria being the leading rose oil manufacturer and exporter up to today.  

Distilled through steaming, the rose oil boasts a unique profile that is recognisable besides its intoxicating scent. The oil colour ranges from deep red for rose absolute right to light yellow hue for rose otto. On the other hand, the oil has a consistency range between thick for its absolute and thin for the rose otto. It also has a strong initial aroma with strongly floral and sweet hints. For centuries, the benefits of rose encompass both aspects of health and beauty:

Effective skin moisturizer – Rose oil provides much-needed hydration to the skin as it balances the skin’s moisture level, keeping it luminous and healthy.

Removing blemishes – One of rose oil’s benefits is its ability to speed up the process of removing blemishes and marks. It also fades stretch marks or marks, just by applying the oil on the desired spots regularly.

Anti-aging prowess – The high levels of vitamin A and anti-oxidants present in rose oil helps slowing down the signs of aging such as wrinkles, fine lines and uneven skin tone. Furthermore, regular application will boost your skin’s collagen production.  

Astringent properties – Rose oil’s antibacterial properties makes it a perfect toner for makeup removal. Not only it leaves both fresh and rosy feeling to the skin, it also clears up your skin, making it naturally fairer. 

Natural sunscreen – Besides combating the early signs of aging, the antioxidant content in rose oil also helps reducing the damages caused by UV ray exposure. To enhance your sunscreen protection, add a few drops into your sunscreen and dab it all over your skin.

Hair loss prevention – Rose oil can strengthen the roots. On the other hand, the antiseptic properties in the oil combat dirt and bacteria on the hair as well as unclogs the hair follicles. Moreover, applying rose oil onto your hair will help maintaining moisture in your curls as well as protecting it against frizz and brings forth a healthy shine.

Calming scent – Rose oil contains a natural scent known as citronellol. By applying the rose oil on your skin, it will impart long-lasting scent that promotes calmness and relaxation.

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